In Brazil Amazonia

At the end of his journey, Gilberto Gil comes back to Brazil, in the heart of Amazonia, where he also finds threatened cultures.

Sabrina Santos
Sabrina Santos is a young singer-composer who grew up in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, but is now based in Manaus. Proud of her Tucano origins, she sings for the preservation of her traditions and the respect of her culture.

Pontos de Cultura
The Pontos de Cultura (literally Points of Culture), project initiated by the Brazilian government and Gilberto Gil when he was Minister, is a network of more than 1500 cultural centres across Brazil, from the favelas of Sao Paolo to villages far up the Amazon, like São Gabriel da Cachoeira. The “architecture” of a hotspot is both structurally simple and broadly innovative. It is established with a broadband connection, infrastructure made of recycled equipment and, most important, technical workshops on open source audio and video editing software, enabling the cultural groups to digitize their creativity and publish it under alternative licenses. Minister Gilberto Gil affirmed that Digital Culture initiatives present a built-in revolutionary device, and are able to play a fundamental role in shaking away the inertia of the traditional politics that has excluded much of society from public life. visit website